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Praying for God's guidance

As we pray, prepare and plan our move to Ukraine, we recognize our desperate need for God's guidance.

Moving to a different country is not a simple task. From questions like "should move" to little details like "what should we bring?", a move overseas is more complicated than it may seem. But God's provision in our life, is more than enough to have peace in the midst of all these questions.

Hebrews 13:5 (ESV)

"Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you."

God's promise not to forsake us, is the foundation for us to be content and live free from love of money. God's faithfulness, which is displayed throughout the Bible and seen in our life, is our guarantor and our solid foundation, it provides a safe harbor for us in the midst of all our daily needs and worries.

God's call

We have been praying, thinking, evaluating, and asking for counsel in regards to our move to Ukraine for over 2 years. The more we evaluate, the more we realize; how desperately we need God's guidance in our life. There are so many unknown aspects of moving to a different country. So much risk and uncertainty. But the desire and call to go, is so much louder and certain. God's promise to never forsake us, brings fresh peace and confidence to our hearts everyday!



Before we move to Ukraine, we want Olga to become a US citizen. We have applied for the citizenship in September 2020. We were able to skip the biometrics appointment, since Olga had it done recently for her green card. Hopefully that will speed up the process a bit. We would like to move in second part of 2021, but that will depend if we will have all citizenship questions settled.

Prayer Request

-Prayer for God's guidance in our lives, so that we may be obedient to His will for us.

-Pray for Olga's citizenship process to go smoothly & quickly if possible.

-Pray for our relationships that we already have there. We want to serve that church as much as we can from here.

-Pray for the church in Sarny, UA. They had some rough patches in the past, but their faith is still strong.

-Pray for our preparations and our move. (A place to live, income, vehicle, legal documents, etc.)

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